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Death on the Omnibus

Death on the Omnibus

All 1200+ strips of Flinthoof's ROOMIES webcomic, plus a special story just for this collection.

"Roomies is a comic about a pony who loves mint.

Roomies is about a green tiger who likes to build all softs of electronic doodads.

Roomies is about a couple of ferrets out to conquer the world.

Of course Roomies is more than that...the comic is drawn by the very talented Flinthoof, who is rumored to under the human name of Dan Canaan, which if spelled sideways becomes MINT. Trust me this is fact."

(Taken from Graveyard Greg's Forward)

Style - Color Cover, Black and White Interior
Size - 8.5 x 11
Rating - Mature
Page Count - 340 pages
Publication Date - December 2011
UPC/ISBN - 9780983616313

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Our Price: $18.00

Death on the Omnibus

ISBN: 9780983616313

UPC/EAN: 9780983616313

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