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Fur-Piled Volume 2

Fur-Piled Volume 2


Fur-Piled, Volume 2, "Lyfe Has Spelling Errors" picks up shortly after Arthur Husky and Saetto have officially become a couple. Life is good! Husky introduces Saetto to his friends and also to the more active side of gay pride at the West Hollywood PRIDE festival. But when Husky's ex boyfriend, Car, returns and wants him back, everything gets turned upside down...and Chris' refrigerator suffers the first blow.

In between these dramatic episodes, Rose and Louis get to know each other a little better, Andy meets someone new (although he doesn't make the best of first impressions), and Ian escapes from her usual routine to let her inner girly girl out to play.

The Fur-Piled comic series by Leo Magna has a sense of reality that is refreshing in the genre of gay slice-of-life romance comics. The story effortlessly navigates the lives of the characters, resisting the temptation to turn them into larger-than-life archetypes. In the end, Husky and all his friends are just real people in real situations.

This volume collects chapters seven through thirteen of the online comic, including I've got a WomanScreamOf Pride and Other ThingsRoxanneMichaelFeel Good Inc., and Hold On.

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Fur-Piled Volume 2

ISBN: 9780979149627

UPC/EAN: 9780979149627

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