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Fur-Piled Volume 1

Fur-Piled Volume 1


Fur-Piled, Volume 1 brings Leo Magna’s popular webcomic to the printed page for the first time. This black-and-white comic tells the story of Husky, a young gay college student living in Santa Monica, California. One night in a fit of dance-club induced euphoria he goes up to the guy he has had a crush on for years (a guy who is as desirable as he is rumored to be untouchable) and makes his affections pointedly obvious.

With all his friends predicting disaster, Husky can only do his best to hold on as life takes a series of unexpected turns that leave him in the position to make decisions he never dreamed of making. Decisions that, once brought out of the realm of fantasy and into reality, don’t seem quite so easy to make.

Fur-Piled has a sense of reality that is refreshing in the genre of gay slice-of-life romance comics. The story effortlessly navigates the lives of the characters, resisting the temptation to turn them into larger-than-life archetypes. In the end, Husky and all his friends are just real people in real situations.

This volume collects the first six chapters of the online comic, including Welcome to Santa MonicaMidnight RadioBoys Who Like BoysMr. Tangerine SpeedoLove of the Loveless, and Cue the Pulse to Begin, along with extras not found online including a short introductory comic filling out the back story of the characters and an introduction by the author.

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Our Price: $17.95

Fur-Piled Volume 1

ISBN: 9780976921288

UPC/EAN: 9780976921288

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