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Two Sides of A Coin - 2012 Kurst Calendar

Two Sides of A Coin - 2012 Kurst Calendar

Need something to keep track of comic release dates? Need something to keep track of conventions? Or do you need a calendar with more personality than you can get at a store? If you say yes then we have something for you - Kurst 2012 calendar. With Kurst's 2012 "Two Sides of A Coin" calendar you can explore some of Kurst's favorite photos while keeping track of important 2012 dates. Better yet - it doesn't need batteries so when your phone goes dead you can still find out what date is your next appointment. This calendar will make an amazing, great gift for friends, family, dogs, cats, or even yourself! They will be surprised by how much you care when you give it. Kurst 2012 calendar is only available exclusively from Rabbit Valley. So you won't see this at any dime store, grocery store, or even department store. You can only get it only here. So what are you waiting for order one today!

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Two Sides of A Coin - 2012 Kurst Calendar

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