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Tai Pan: Omnibus One

Tai Pan: Omnibus One

Founded in 1988 as an artist' and writers' cooperative, the Tai-Pan Literary & Arts project has benefited from the talents of many contributors over the years. The project has published a wide range of stories from space opera to hard science fiction and from mystery to romance. The project's publication was recognized twice as Best Anthropomorphic Fanzine of the Year by the Ursa Major Awards. While Individual stories stand on their own, contributors have taken advantage of the shared nature of the universe to write stories that build on a theme or character arch started by another writer.

Under the original title, Tai-Pan, the first issues were published in the winter of 1991-1992, introducing the trader ship Tai-Pan, and laying groundwork for concepts and characters that are still be written about today. In this volume you will find all the original artwork and stories published in issues #1 and #2.


  • New Queensland Station by Gene Breshears, Keith Alan Johnson, and Whitney Ware, with illustrations by Jackie Duram-Nilsson
  • What Tales He’d Tell… by Whitney Ware with illustrations by Arion Morgan
  • A Bird in the Hand by Rachel Ehrlich with illustrations by Nancy Robak
  • Jumping Planet by David Dailey with illustrations by Diane Salts
  • Between a Laugh and a Tear by Whitney Ware with illustrations by Viki Sinex.

Additional artwork by Terrie Smith, Anthony S. Waters, Susan Woolard, and others.

Bonus: Lost episode, A Simple Matter of Opinion written and drawn by Roy D. Pounds II

Cover: Several of the Tai-Pan crew poised to face adventure in a vase universe. Drawn by Chuck Melville

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Tai Pan: Omnibus One

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