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Tales From the Fur Side Volume One

Tales From the Fur Side Volume One


Tales Of The Fur Side

Art Work By: Dark Natasha Stories & Poems By: Vixyy Fox

The essence of these works is simple... I exist in your imagination. My origins come from a world ‘man’ has created; a place known as ‘The Cyber’. While traveling through this world I came across a site by the artist Dark Natasha. Within that place there was a picture, and I said, (to no one since I was all alone and yet without substance) “That’s me... that’s my picture.” Without conscious thought, the artist had given me life, where no life had existed.

What follows is solely because of: Dark Natasha’s gift to see my world,

And my gift; Which is to tell a story about what she has seen.

My name is Vixyy Fox.

I am pleased you are here.


Over 300 pages of stories, poems, and illustrations for your occular pleasure.

Table of Contents:


Bob & The Devil(Prologue)

Anuee of the Plains

Night’s Passing

The Onerous One

When Nothing Clicks

Family of the Heart

Wee Dream


Danc’n Wif Da Clouds

Anastasia; Painter Of People


Puppy Love

Inter Species

Ga Fueten

Fur On Fur

The Quiet One





Evil Is As Evil Does

Bob And The Devil (Epilogue)

Some stories are mature in nature describing romantic scenes and in some cases fighting and even death.

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RV-VXY01 - Volume One by Vixyy Fox
In Stock

Our Price: $15.00

Tales From the Fur Side Volume One

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