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Spooo Presents KaputOtter

Spooo Presents KaputOtter

Collected Rabbit Valley® Comics featuring KaputOtter at a discounted rate!

This collection includes Spooo Presents Issue #3 - Service with a Smile / Big Bad Wolf Club #1 & Webz Magazine Issue #1.

Spooo Presents Issue #3: It's our "My Job Sucks" issue of Spooo Presents!

Story #1, The Big Bad Wolf Club by Quel and Josef Katz. When your life has you down, and work sucks, sometimes you just need a co-worker with a penchant for pyro to BURN THE PLACE DOWN! As our hero ponders coffee and warms himself from the flames of the Hellofaboring Jobs Accounting Firm, he spots a sign at the BBWC: "Now Hiring: PREY." See how his interview goes.

Story #2: Service with a Smile by Kaput. Our hero is a kitty working at HickDonald's on the night shift. It just happens to be his break time when two very large, very tasty men come in the front door. Smoke break anyone?

Webz Magazine Issue #1

Our long time friend and artist KaputOtter presents to you a tale of two seasons. For the summertime, water loving critters, we have Suddenly, Otters! with the most friendly of clothing optional beaches and clothing optional critters. Second, cool off with a story of wintertime wrap-up in Les Bonnes Vacances where a polar bear and his hired domestic domestics get their end of season bonus.

This comic has fun in the sun and lots of winter sports action. Our printing company representative offhandedly remarked "Oh, A Sea Otter Orgy...".

Yeah, it's kinda like that. 

Special Note: These book is presented in a flip book style. For proper display of the comic, we highly recommend purchasing two copies.

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Spooo Presents KaputOtter

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