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Attack of the Teenage Sketchbook From Outer Space

Attack of the Teenage Sketchbook From Outer Space

Why are you reading this book? Is it because you're beginning in art and want to see how others approach their art, or do you hope to gain insight into how the mental process works for a successful artist? Perhaps you're just a fan of Flinters' artwork an want to find out what sort of insane individual is so demented as to crank out this drivel? We hate to disappoint you if you're looking for answers to the first few questions, but I can surely help out with the last one: why does Flinters draw these silly pictures?

Because it's fun...

Take a look into the mind of Flinters and see how his draws these funny animals.


Page Count - 80
Size - 6.75" x 10.25" 
Format - Color Cover, black and white interior
Style - Prose and Artwork
ISBN - 9789981784694

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Attack of the Teenage Sketchbook From Outer Space

ISBN: 9981784699

UPC/EAN: 9789981784694

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