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The Journey

The Journey


Ben, an average college student, awakes one morning to find he’s been magically pulled into another world by Marissa, an anthropomorphic snow leopard. Even as he’s struggling to contemplate the situation, he’s tasked with accompanying her on a strange and intriguing journey. Ben struggles to figure out and adapt to this strange world, where magic exists and is quite powerful.

He also puzzles through navigating the minefields of an alien culture and mindset, as he tries to figure out this strange and alluring cat woman who is his companion and guide. What results is a quest filled with surprises, action, danger and even romance, but will they both make it back intact?

This is the first novel written by Will A. Sanborn. The writing style is more embryonic than in his later works, but this book shows where he started from and how his storytelling began.

Page Count - 204
Size - 8.5 x 5.5" 
Format - Color Cover, text interior
Style - Novel
ISBN - 9781434820266

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The Journey

ISBN: 9781434820266

UPC/EAN: 9781434820266

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