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Black Dogs Volume 1 by Ursla Vernon

Black Dogs Volume 1 by Ursla Vernon

Black Dogs: The House of Diamond is the first of two volumes chronicling the adventures of young Lyra, sole survivor of the massacre of her family’s estate. Along with a wandering dog-soldier, she is swept up on a mission for the elven nation of Anu'tintavel in its war against a powerful sorcerer. With the help of a pair of female elves, a scout and a warrior, the frightened, bookish girl discovers new talents and confidence that make her a key player in the elves’ conflict.

This is the second edition of this book. The bold new cover was created by Talenshi to match the cover she created for the second volume. The eleven striking interiors by Chris Goodwin from the first printing remain. This edition includes some minor adjustments to the layout, including a larger font for easier reading. 

With wry wit and offbeat humor, Black Dogs builds a fully imagined world (both physical and metaphysical) that deftly sidesteps fantasy clichés. It is sure to appeal to longtime fantasy devotees as well as readers looking for a strong female adventure story.

ISBN 978-1-936689-02-6

Published by SofaWolf Press

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Black Dogs Volume 1 by Ursla Vernon

ISBN: -1-936689-1

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