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YARF! The Journal of Applied Anthropomorphics Volume 1

YARF! The Journal of Applied Anthropomorphics Volume 1

The Complete YARF! Volume 1

The Journal of Applied Anthropomorphics

Collects Issues #0-5


Introduction by Jeffrey “Tanan” Ferris & Dasha “Tigris Euphrates” Clancey

What to say about a fanzine’s many-year run? YARF! was a ‘zine that was done by fans, for fans. We would like to thank everyone over the years who contributed to YARF!, supported YARF!, and purchased YARF!...


Issue Zero Contents:

Diplomatic Relations – Cover by Monica Livingston

What’s All This, Then? – YARF! Staff

Why? – Ken Sample

Robert & Katrina – Kris Kreutzman

YARF! Overview – The usual suspects

Best Offer – Pete Glaskowsky

The Power To Be Your Best – Back Cover by Lance Rund


Issue One Contents:

Ace of Spades – Cover by Chris Grant

Flaming HairballsYARF! Staff

Moose Costumes – Bryce Nakagawa

Patten’s Pontifications – Fred Patten

Freefall – Mark Stanley

Empires: Ace of Spades – Chris Grant

Fresh Ink: New Artist Showcase – Maggie De Alaron

OOPS! – Eric Cavanaugh-Elliott

Melanie – Peter Glaskowsky

Illustrations – Brian O’Connell

Robert & Katrina: Deadline Blues – Kris Kreutzman

Sample Creations – Ken Sample

Winter Wolves – Mark Stanley

Drug Free in 2123 – Mark Stanley

Swimming Lessons – Ddoug Durbrow

Illustrations – Monika Livingston

Varcel’s Vixens – Susan Van Camp

After the Quake – Ruben Avila

Getting to the Good Part – Bill Fitts & Shon Howell

Bunny and the East Finchley Rugby Team – Chris Hilton

Art by Minika Livingston

Back Cover Art by Mark Stanley


Issue Two Contents:

Front Cover: Amazonia - Monika Livingston

Flaming Hairballs - The YARF! Staff

Hrissa and Sleeping Partner - Lisa Iennaco

Patten's Pontifications - Fred Patten

Freefall - Mark Stanley

Cleo-Cat-Ra - Melody Rondeau

Empires: Ace of Spades pt. 2 - Chris Grant

Learning the Craft - David White

Jet B. & Leslie - Scott Alston

Amy Treewick - Scott Alston

Portraits - Tom Verre

Mysteries Abound - Monika Livingston

Varcel's Vixens - Susan Van Camp

Robert & Katrina: Deadline Diversions - Kris Kreutzman

Male K'tee - Bill F}tts

Porsha - Monika Livingston

Raccoon Balloon - Roy D. Pounds

Fishing Foxes - Roy D. Pounds

FoxCon 1.0 Artists' Jam  - various artists

Brion Ginsin Cut-up Method - Eric Blumrich

Back Cover Art: Just a Toy - Lance Rund

Spot Art by - Maggie De Alarcon, Craig Hilton, Monika Livingston


Issue Three Contents:

Front Cover: Rocketball - Kris Kreutzman

Flaming Hairballs - The YARF! Staff

Pitt Bull - Perry Okerstrom

Patten's Pontifications - Fred Patten

Freefall - Mark Stanley

Magic Cat - Monika Livingston

Pick a card... - Joy Riddle

Robert & Katrina: Racketball Runaround - Kris Kreutzman

Double Helixers: Essays on the first Semihumans - Dave Bryant

Fay - Mark Bode & Bill Fitts

Empires: Ace of Spades pt. 3 - Chris Grant

California or Bust - Ken Sample

Spring Stroll - Monika Livingston

First Monarch - Monika Livingston

Betazoid Bambioid - Melody Rondeau

... But Can You Do This? - Waverly Pierre

Illustrations by Ken Pick

Tiki Dance - Jack Cavenaugh

After the Cinema - Roy D. Pounds II

Portraits - Tom Verre

Back Cover: She's Wicked Fast - Lance Rund


Issue Four Contents:

Front cover: Rose Garden - Monika Livingston

Flaming Hairballs - The YARF! Staff

That's the Last Time...  - David Cannon

Patten's Pontifications - Fred Patten

Freefall - Mark Stanley

YARF! Labs - Mark Stanley

Cat Toy - Bryce Nakagawa

Empires: Ace of Spades pt. 4 - Chris Grant/Dan Flahive

Cory - Zjonni

The Star - David White

Fymlin - Edd Vick

Images - Maggie De Alarcon

Robert & Katrina: Deadline Dialog - Kris Kreutzman

Gimmick - Scott Alston

Portraits - Tom Verre

Ice Cream Wars - Monika Livingston

Mint Julep - Monika Livingston

Hold That Pose - Eric Nelson

One Fine Day... - Roy D. Pounds

Book Bites - Taz

Midnight Gab Session - Monika Livingston

Well, Doc, This Vixen... - Ruben Avila

Back Cover: Eat Your Heart Out, Leonardo - Lance Rund


Issue Five Contents:

Front cover: Tigerstripe Amazons - Dave Bryant

Flaming Hairballs - The YARF! Staff

Allegory 1 - Eric Blumrich/Paul Defenbaugh

Patten's Pontifications - Fred Patten

A Gift of Fire - Watts Martin

Illustration by Zjonni Perchalski

Graduation Day - Bryce Nakagawa

No Dogs Allowed - Mark Stanley

Guard - Tom Verre

Empires: Ace of Spades pt. 5 - Chris Grant/Dan Flahive

Essay: How Much Does She Weigh? - Dave Bryant

Robert & Katrina: Centaur for a Day Kris Kreutzman

Drums, Rattles, & Whistles - Roy Pounds

Brigands of Wisterwood - Roy Pounds

Assorted Cheesecake - Monika Livingston

Rufus & Porsha - Monika Livingston

Trinidad Gone Cupid - Jack Cavanaugh

Book Bites - Taz

Freefall - Mark Stanley

Behind Curtain #1... - Eric Nelson

Batter Up! - Bill Fitts

Jet B & Air Traffic Control - Scott Alston

Trad - Scott Alston

Have The Moon - K. C.

Vixen at Night - Anthony Waters

Last Bits - YARF! Staff

Back Cover: The Power to Be Your Beast - Lance Rund

Fill Art - Monika Livingston


ISBN: 9780981784687

Type: Color Cover, Black & White Interior

Content: Prose, Comics, Illustrations, Pomes

Page Count: 250+

Weight: 1 Pound

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Comments by Creator/Publisher of YARF! The Journal of Applied Anthropomorphics Volume 1

A Piece of Furry History
From Dasha "Tigres Euphrates" Clancey: Own a piece of furry history! YARF! ran between 1989 until 2006, detailing 15 years of furry history. YARF! always strived to be a Literature/Art magazine for the furry community for furs, by furs. Everyone is missing this issue or this issue. Not any more! With the new archives series everyone can own every issue. This five year project intends to archive YARF! from the very first issues to the very end. This is the first volume contains YARF! issues 0 to 5. More will follow as we compile them.
Reviewed by publisher -

Our Price: $15.00

YARF! The Journal of Applied Anthropomorphics Volume 1

ISBN: 9780981784687

UPC/EAN: 9780981784687

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Customer's Reviews for YARF! The Journal of Applied Anthropomorphics Volume 1

A true piece of furry history
If you've been in the furry fandom for a while, you've probably heard of "Yarf!". Like a lot of long-time furries, "Yarf!" was one of my introductions to the fandom. It was also the first fanzine I ever bought, and introduced me to some long-time friends, so it will always have a special place in my heart. It will be no surprise then that I was exceptionally pleased to learn that "Yarf!" was being released in collected form.

The quality of the book is excellent. I was afraid that re-printing source material that is now 22 years old (yikes!) would result in muddy or faded line art, but that's not the case. The page size has been reduced a bit, but this proved not to be any problem or distraction. Reading Issues 1-5 has truly been a trip down memory lane for me. I've enjoyed being reminded of how far we've come, but also how much we haven't changed.

It really is an important piece of furry history. If you have any interest at all in seeing where your fandom comes from, or if you have good memories of the early days of the fandom, it's worth a buy!
Reviewed by user -

Link to this item: https://www.rabbitvalley.com/item/8243/5699/YARF-The-Journal-of-Applied-Anthropomorphics-Volume-1

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