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Ringtail Cafe Sketchbook 1

Ringtail Cafe Sketchbook 1


The Ringtail Cafe Sketchbook is a collection of arts and notes from the process of making the comic, as well as exclusive material from the early days of the series and previews of characters appearing in future issues.



The Ringtail Cafe series is filled with humor, innuendo and plenty of Snark, Ringtail Cafe is a story about a secret organization housed within a coffee shop. Together, they fight against the League of Villainous Evil, or L.O.V.E. for short. L.O.V.E. is a collection of largely minor villains held together by a steadily dental plan. Although that seems to be changing. What was a band of ruffians before may now be growing into a serious threat...


Page Count: 32 pages 
Type: B&W Comic Size

Writer / Letters: Darren Mueller 
Pencils / Inks: Jackie Hernandez

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Ringtail Cafe Sketchbook 1

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