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Reign Deer

Reign Deer

Magic used to be enough. Power will change with the times. What once was a season of giving has been overtaken with greed. Greed spread its corruption like frostbite over weak, atrophied limbs. Their message is muted, their reign is over. As the fires of chaos burn ever closer to their place atop the world, the myths must fight. The reindeer take flight. But what use do reindeer serve in a world without use for chimneys?

Style:  Comic
Content:  Graphic Comic Based Series
Print:  Color Cover, Grayscale Interior
Size:  6.75 x 10.50
Pages:  24
ISBN:  9781935599708
Parental Rating:  PG-13 - some violence
Publication Date:  November 2010

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Reign Deer

ISBN: 1935599704

UPC/EAN: 9781935599708

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Customer's Reviews for Reign Deer

Confusing storyline, random characters
Upon first reading, this book is just plain confusing. Characters are introduced with zero introduction or back story. A character named "Mr Murk" is never explained beyond some sort of impotent superhero or villain. Which it is is never told. Then, Santa's reindeer are whisked away to kill people. Again, no reason. The book is written as if some sort of series proceeded it, known only to the author in his mind. Artwork is interesting, though.
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