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Game Boys Summer Special 2005

Game Boys Summer Special 2005

Who are the Game Boys? Gay furry lovers who play games together. This Chapter takes place between the stories from Genus Male #3 & #4 from Sin Factory.

Rollie Rawldog and Monty Tresscoon became fast friends working retail, lugging furniture. Three years later, Rollie professed his love to Monty online. As tears rolled down his cheeks, the raccoon realized he loved his best friend just as much.

An old jackalhorse friend from the store comes to visit, but he's grown several feet taller! Also, much to Rollie's surprise, the giant boy kisses Monty right on the lips! What will they do with their new horny hossy houseguest? And what's the secret to his surprise growth?

Style: Comic
Content: Graphic Comic
Print: Color Cover, Grey Scale Interior
Size: 6.5 x 5.25
Pages: 28
Publication Date: July 2005

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Game Boys Summer Special 2005

ISBN: 1935599534

UPC/EAN: 9781935599531

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