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Instinct Disorder 01

Instinct Disorder 01

Nexus and Extro take us into Baltah's world where he lives in a town that manufactures condoms, though at the start of the comic he is still a virgin with very vivid fantasies. He's an electrician who wants to be with all the girls he sees, but never seems to strike gold. His friends are an odd lot too...

In this first issue we meet the case, see lots of sexy scenes, and meet our first armadillo character.

Product Details: 
ISBN: 978-0-9719886-2-0
Page Count: 32 pages 
Type: Comic, Color Cover / B&W Interior 
Rating: Adult Audiences Only

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Our Price: $7.50

Instinct Disorder 01

ISBN: 0971988625

UPC/EAN: 9780971988620

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