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Dragon's Hoard Volume 1

Dragon's Hoard Volume 1

2012 Reprint - Varient Cover

Dragon's Hoard,  a collection of stories and artwork form some of the most talented scalie artists in the fandom including Narse, Caribou, Dreamous, and more.

Table of Contents:

  1. Territory by Narse, Razr, & Dreamous
  2. Paw Fun by Caribou
  3. Matting Flight by Taen & Dreamous
  4. My Collar by Caribou
  5. Submission by Spelunker sal
  6. East 'Meats' West by Caribou
  7. Heat by Aazhie & Dreamous
  8. How Many Licks by Narse
  9. The Nameless by Winddragon & Losian
  10. Dinner Time! by Narse

Lots of dragons having fun doing what dragons do in this fun filled sexy dragon specific comic. Stories are filled with sex and nudes. Adults Only.

Product Details: 
ISBN: 978-0-9719886-3-7
Page Count: 40 pages 
Type: Comic, Color Cover / B&W Interior 
Rating: Adult Audiences Only

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Our Price: $12.99

Dragon's Hoard Volume 1

ISBN: 978-0-9719886-3-7

UPC/EAN: 978-0-9719886-3-7

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Customer's Reviews for Dragon's Hoard Volume 1

A little extra information for those thinking about buying:
(All characters dragons unless listed otherwise)

Territory(M/M, Gryphon/Dragon)
Paw Fun(M/Solo, Pinup)
Mating Flight(M/F)
My Collar(F/Solo, Pinup)
East 'Meats' West(M/M, Pinup)
Heat(M/F, Dragon/Feral horse)
How Many Licks...(M/M, Pinup)
The Nameless(M/F/M)
Dinner Time!(M/Solo, Pinup)
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