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Ringtail Cafe Volume 1

Ringtail Cafe Volume 1



Summary: Ringtail Cafe, a book about secret organizations, questionable allegiances and coffee.

Young Adam Imada is recruited into the world of Ringtail Cafe, a clandestine organization operating out of a coffee shop, and quickly finds out that what seemed like a walk in the park has turned into a jaunt through chaos and back. Loyalties will be questioned, loved ones will be lost, and coffee will be served.

This trade compiles issues 1-5 of Ringtail Cafe, the RTC Christmas Special comic, plus additional material exclusive to the trade. At 168 pages in length (the equivalent of 7 standard size comic books) it spans the first four years of the studio's comic book work.

On top of all that, the trade contains a new mini comic, that takes place as a precursor to the series! Secrets are revealed, and mysteries are starting to fall into place, you don't want to miss this!

Product Details: 
ISBN: 9781888429824 
Page Count: Approx. 168 pages 
Type: Trade paperback, Full Color (Issue 1 is in B&W as in original release) 
Writer: Darren Mueller 
Pencils/Inks: Jackie Hernandez 
Colors: Krista Mueller 
Rating: Mature Audiences Only (Contains: Coarse language, Mature themes, Innuendo, and Violence.)

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Ringtail Cafe Volume 1

ISBN: 9781888429824

UPC/EAN: 9781888429824

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