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Fred Savage - Windfall Issue 1

Fred Savage - Windfall Issue 1

The mercenary is a dying breed. World leaders desperate to distract their people throw their armies at any war they can find, and the old brush fires of Africa are flickering out. A dreadful, dreary outbreak of peace looms over the merc community.

In spite of it all Savage, an ambitious and unbridled Australian soldier of fortune, continues to look for the perfect war.

He is experiencing difficulties.

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Fred Savage - Windfall Issue 1

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Customer's Reviews for Fred Savage - Windfall Issue 1

Beautiful and thought-provoking
This is a powerful comic that's as beautiful as it is illuminating. Fred Savage is an Australian mercenary who's out to do his job. This means that he finds himself in the midst of Nouveau Cotentan, in the midst of a violent conflict that he doesn't get any more involved in that he has to - which is hard to do when you're a hired mercenary. He's a brilliantly conflicted character who has a conscience that often has to take a backseat to his priority of staying alive as well as doing his job. The art is absolutely beautiful. This is an impressive first volume of a thrilling story told through a beautiful lens.
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