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2011 Kurst General Calendar - Oh God It's Another Year

2011 Kurst General Calendar - Oh God It's Another Year

I knew she was trouble the moment she walked into my office. She had that helpless little kitten look that usually ends up with claws sinking into my back.

"I need help, Mr. Hammer. I heard you're the best." Yeah, trouble... or my name isn't Hammer... Ban Hammer (and it is).

"Sit down and tell me your tale." From the look of her she had the speech memorized.

"I'm looking for someone."

"Do tell."

"He's a calendar. And not just ANY calendar. This one has pictures of animals!"

Huh? I let the moment settle. "Well, just go to S-Mart. They've got lots there."

"You don't understand! This calendar has to be SPECIAL! It has to have Bears and a Rhino and Polar Bears and Hyenas and tigers... BUT, most importantly, it HAS TO HAVE... a bunny!"

"As in a Rabbit?"

"Right! A bunny! Oh, and a Squirrel! I'm willing to pay anything if you can find that calendar!"

"Well, It'll cost you... $15!"

"That's all???"

"Right, Kurst's 'Oh God, It's Another Year' calendar is exactly what you're looking for!"

"You're my hero, Mr. Hammer!"

"Just doing my job."

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2011 Kurst General Calendar - Oh God It's Another Year

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