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Dume Issue 1

Dume Issue 1

Created by Jonas and Rayce. 1st collection of the furry online comic strip. Dume, the hero of the story, was adopted as a baby by a commune of peace-loving hippie sandpipers. He might have gone on to great things, had he not discovered the local surfer-slacker subculture. He's fairly smart, it's just that he's too stupid to realize it. Also starring Rand, Dume's irritable chain-smoking raccoon roomie, Slymar, Dume's previous roomie and procrastenator supreme, Twitchy, the freaked-out, hypercaffeinated barista at the local coffee stand, and Winnetka, Sylmar's responsible younger sister (and the subject of a certain raccoon's secret affections.

Printed – September, 2010
Page Count – 28
Size – Comic (6.75 x 10.25)
Format – Color Cover, Black & White Interior
Style – Comic

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Dume Issue 1

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