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Tales of Springfield Buffalo 3

Tales of Springfield Buffalo 3

In issue three, Zandar takes Springfield home after her frightening encounter with Thunderhoof at the end of issue two. Over a bottle of vodka, Springfield reveals her history with Thunderhoof to Zandar.


An introduction By Zandar Skonk

I am not at all sure why I have been asked to introduce this volume of the Tales of the beautiful Springfield. True, I am personally involved in her story, but considering the way i have been vilified by critics I am surprised to have received this invitation. I know that my motives are inscrutable and my actions may seem immoral to some. However, I have been invited so I shall take the opportunity to state my position.

First and foremost, you must understand that Springfield is a reincarnation of my one true love, Wulfrida. This I believe with absolute certainty. We are destined to be together... but perhaps not in this incarnation. She has no memory of me because of my karmic debt; a multitude of past sins hide me from her. I have hopes though that this time I will have made sufficient atonement to be able to claim her loves once again.

As you'll recall from Issue One my attempts to seduce her directly were unsuccessful. I sensed something awry with her aura and recruited Herman to gather information about Springfield. My critics have accused me of manipulation the gentle pachyderm, but I simply gave him something he wanted (a rare comic book) in exchange for something that I wanted (biographical information about Springfield). The name "Thunderhoof" was a clue.


The story goes on...

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Tales of Springfield Buffalo 3

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