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Found: One Apocalypse

Found: One Apocalypse

Interplanetary rag-and-bone man Iorgi Murrett is fed up. He's about ready to pack it all in and become a shill for the Company, though it's on record that he'd rather be on fire.

Then, while searching for scrap metal, he uncovers the buried hatch to an ancient starcraft. Forced to take refuge within its armored walls, he's trapped as its defense mechanisms come online, making him the proud owner of the 500-year-old Battleship Apocalypse, a flagship in a severe state of disrepair, yet carrying a sophisticated defensive grid and bristling with experimental weapons.

Now Murrett is on the run across space in a ship held together with duct tape and hope. Joining him are a shrill and demanding princess who fancies herself a freedom fighter, a mining robot possessed by a vacuous alien, a one-armed smuggler, and an accountant who happened to answer his want-ad.

In pursuit? A team of pirates flying ice-cream vans, the Charter's mysterious and shadowy Agency, and the armies of the Eliak, who
are...well, the rightful owners, if one really wanted to be picky about it.

The Galaxy doesn't stand a chance.

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Our Price: $18.00

Found: One Apocalypse

ISBN: 9789079082223

UPC/EAN: 9789079082223

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