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FANG Volume 2

FANG Volume 2

FANG Volume 2 was originally released on Halloween 2005 -- a black, blood-soaked volume of creepy, spooky doom! And a bit of hanky-panky besides. Stormcatcher shines with two very different tales of ghostly visitations, each chilling in their own way and each delivering its own brand of uneasy peace. Whyte Yote takes us into the passionate, predatory world of the modern, urban, dance-club-prowling but eternally hungry werewolf and Ben Goodridge, who would later join Bad Dog books as editor starting with FANG Volume 4 gives us a tryptich of supernatural stories brilliantly evoking the mood of the last significant fin-du-siecle. From the dark and disturbing to the quiet and pensive, from the clever to the traditional -- and with the familiar gay erotica strewn throughout -- FANG Volume 2 showed that Volume 1's success was no mere fluke.

Plays Well With Others - Kyell Gold

The Fox and the Unspeakable Horror - KM Hirosaki

Under the Surface - Stormcatcher

The Thinking Place - Stormcatcher

From the Sean, the Ghosts - Alex Vance

Natural Selection - Whyte Yote

Arcanum Arcanorum - Ben Goodridge

Stocky - Ben Goodridge

Child of the Scroll - Ben Goodridge

The Walking Mountain - Ben Goodridge

The Zombie Curse of Huckleberry Hollow - Alex Vance

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FANG Volume 2

ISBN: 9789079082148

UPC/EAN: 9789079082148

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