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FANG Volume 1

FANG Volume 1

Originally published in September 2005 as FANG Volume 1G, this (rather thick) book marked the beginning of a new era in furry publishing, and this first issue was dedicated to bringing the finest modern homoerotica to the anthropomorphic reading public. The inaugural Volume 1 delivers the finest modern gay erotic furry fiction available in print today. Old favorites such as K. M. Hirosaki, Uncle Oakie and Andre 'Badger' Blaireau, published authors such as Kyell Gold (known for his superb "Volle" novels) and newcomers such as Mikori, Kohai and Stormcatchers flocked to this new, exciting publishing enterprise and their enthusiasm, energy and talent leaps off every jam-packed page.

Hit the Showers by Red Swampwulf

White Night by Kyell Gold

Full-Service Fox by Whyte Yote

Nocturnal Emissions by Mikori

Stud Service by Kohai

Bitch-Boy by Andrew Badger Blaireau

Dancing Liffe by Uncle Oakie

A Helping Hand the Morning After Stormcatcher

My Place in Your Life by KM Hirosaki

No Free Rides by Uncle Oakie

Preventing Hypothermia by Stormcatcher

Bad Timing by Timbo

Pretty In Pink by Kihai

The Moment by Genken Hikage

The Humble Giver by Stormcatcher

Dreams by Shaun Ryan

Maerchentic Innocence by KM Hirosaki

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Our Price: $20.00

FANG Volume 1

ISBN: 9789079082131

UPC/EAN: 9789079082131

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