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The Wanderer Book #2 - FurPlanet Edition

The Wanderer Book #2 - FurPlanet Edition

The Wanderer is an adult graphic fantasy from the combined talents of Krahnos and James Clapton. A young and innocent bard, Rophin, finds himself thrust into a struggle for power between the church and the throne. On the side of the rightful Samson royal family is the heroic ranger elk, Acorn, to whom Rophin finds himself attracted; and Sabre, a dangerous warrior with a shadowed history, who has pledged his life to protect the Queen.

The Wanderer continues in this second issue from Krahnos! More of the story unfolds as we find the romance between Acorn and Rophin growing stronger, while dark forces gather which threaten to divide the kingdom.

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Our Price: $5.00

The Wanderer Book #2 - FurPlanet Edition

ISBN: 9781935599104

UPC/EAN: 9781935599104

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