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Volle Series Book 1 - Volle by Kyell Gold

Volle Series Book 1 - Volle by Kyell Gold

Volle thought life as a spy-in-training was pretty easy: do as little as possible, and spend all his free time sleeping with the other young males in Caril. He never expected to be the one chosen for a critical mission to impersonate a noble in the neighboring country of Tephos--and neither did his superiors. They don't want to send him, and he doesn't want to go, but the mission calls for a fox, and he's the only one qualified. So off he goes, with a couple friends, a fake history, and very little to go on about the plot he's supposed to uncover.

Now he must master the life of a noble and search for information while navigating the many pitfalls and temptations that surround him. And the temptations are plentiful: a young wolf prostitute, a shy fox courtesan, a handsome soldier. With noble friends to help him, he gains confidence quickly, but self-doubt continues to plague him. When events begin to spiral out of his control, he must discover whether he has the inner strength to save his country and his own heart.

Volle (pronounced to rhyme with "wall") is the first published novel by Kyell Gold--a stirring tale of romance, espionage, and the intrigues common to both. While the author is a relative newcomer to the field of anthropomorphic fiction, readers of Sofawolf's adult magazine Heat will recognize the main character from the short story Prisoner's Release which appeared in two parts in issues #1 and #2. Taking place prior to the events depicted in the short story, this 317 page novel, beautifully illustrated by Sara Palmer, details the history of the main character. Kyell's forthcoming second novel, Pendant of Fortune, will continue from where the short story concluded.

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Volle Series Book 1 - Volle by Kyell Gold

ISBN: 9780971267084

UPC/EAN: 9780971267084

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Customer's Reviews for Volle Series Book 1 - Volle by Kyell Gold

The first thought upon finishing this book was "amazing." I laughed, I cried, I was just outright filled with emotions. The story is very easy to relate to and anyone that has any hard decisions or has delt with anything difficult in their lives. The sexual aspect of the book definitely does not take away from the plot of the story, and if anything makes the characters feel much more real.
The relations between all of the characters bring a whole new level to the story and draws you in to the fantastic world that Kyell has laid out throughout the story and paints a very highly detailed picture of the characters.

This book is an amazing read and I recommend it to everyone. Also I suggest purchasing the rest of the stories in the Volle series.

A must have for anyone looking for a good read!
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