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Prisoner's Release and Other Stories by Kyell Gold

Prisoner's Release and Other Stories by Kyell Gold

This collection brings together the two-part short story which originally appeared in Heat #1 and Heat #2 -- "The Prisoner's Release" -- with three entirely new tales set in the world of Argaea.


  • Inside the Cage takes place at the Jackal's Staff where a young cougar seeks to escape his life of prostitution. Illustrated by Vince Suzukawa.
  • The Prisoner's Release previously appeared in Heat #1 and Heat #2 and tells the story of how Volle met Streak. The illustrations done by Taurin Fox for Heat are reprinted here.
  • Home Again picks up just after "The Prisoner's Release" when Volle and Streak have returned Ferrenis and fills in some details leading up to their ill-fated return to Tephos in "Pendant of Fortune." Adam Wan provides a single stunning illustration for this short story.
  • Finally we return to the Jackal's Staff in For Love or Family, this time through the eyes of a patron trying to balance the way he feels against the duties of his station. Arthur Husky provides the illustrations.

The Prisoner's Release is a romance novel intended for an adult audience only and contains some explicit sexual scenes of a primarily Male/Male nature. It is not for sale to persons under the age of 18.

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Prisoner's Release and Other Stories by Kyell Gold

ISBN: 9780976921271

UPC/EAN: 9780976921271

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Customer's Reviews for Prisoner's Release and Other Stories by Kyell Gold

Fabulous Addition!
I was very hopeful, and slightly skeptical before starting into this book. I was convinced that a series of short stories involving the characters of the Volle novel couldn't quite satisfy my lusty want for more details about them. Well after finishing reading I was quite pleased with how things worked out.

Prisoner's Release and Other Stories did an amazing job at tying up many of the loose ends that weren't covered in Volle and Pendant, especially concerning the workers of the brothel.
This book put much more perspective on characters, and added to the depth of emotion for some of the characters less touched on in the previous Volle novel.

The story is highly captivating, and due to the nature of the characters and situations; quite erotic. I very much enjoyed diving into the lives of characters and lifestyles that are quite unlike any you normally run across.

The scenery is quite vivid and alive. You really get a feeling of being part of the story, almost as if watching through a window. I think that is one of the main successes of Mr. Gold is that he truly paints a picture of the lives of the characters he creates. These stories definitely do not falter on imagery, and emotions.

If you have read Volle and possibly Pendant of Fortune this is a must have for your collection. Truly the story is not complete without this missing piece of the puzzle that is brilliantly written and quite an enjoyable read!
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