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Thousand Leaves by Kevin Frane

Thousand Leaves by Kevin Frane

Thousand Leaves by Kevin Frane

We've been wanting to get Kevin Frane's works in for a while and now have a limited quality of his best selling Thousand Leaves novel. 

From the Back Cover:

For Reeve, it’s shaping up to be a very cold winter. Months have passed since the coyote broke up with his boyfriend, though, and now he realizes that the chill he feels has nothing to do with the weather or his loneliness.

When an otherwise healthy friend mysteriously crumbles into a physical and emotional wreck, Reeve suspects his condition might be a contagious disease—one that may have already spread to people he knows. Doctors, however, insist that there’s nothing wrong, and of his former friends, only Monique, the assistant to a power-hungry politician, and Ryan, a computer programmer, are willing to help him. The fact that Ryan is now dating Reeve’s ex doesn’t make things any easier.

When unknown assailants endanger his friends and Reeve’s condition causes him to doubt his grip on reality, the full threat becomes apparent. Fighting not just one, but two unknown dangers, Reeve and his friends must uncover the truth before this epidemic wipes out their entire world.

If this sells well, we'll be bringing on Kevin's other novels.

Published by SofaWolf Press

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Our Price: $18.00

Thousand Leaves by Kevin Frane

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