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Just Accessories - 12" x 18" Print

Just Accessories - 12" x 18" Print

Just Accessories features only the finest accoutrements suitable for complementing any fashionable ensemble, and from its upscale location on Forty-Second Street in Manhattan, it serves a discriminating clientele. Featured in the latest provocative and award-winning advertising campaign for this exclusive boutique is the prominent and talented photo model Rosemary Parker, an ideal choice to convey the shop’s business and to display a sample of its wares.

So popular was the two-page magazine advertisement that was a part of the campaign that printer’s-proof-style art prints, suitable for framing, have been made available. The stark white background and spare, minimalist type set off Ms. Parker’s commanding presence beautifully, making this a superb example of how powerful a marriage of fashion photography and graphic design can be.

. . . Well, not really. Actually, Rosemary and Just Accessories exist only in the fertile imagination of Baron Engel, whose description of the advertising campaign in question intrigued me. In consultation with him I designed the ad and incorporated his artwork when he created it, a fun and striking collaboration. Who says graphic design is boring?

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Just Accessories - 12" x 18" Print

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