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Naughty Little Things

Naughty Little Things

This fascinating boutique originally catered to the porn industry based in the San Fernando Valley, specializing in erotic paraphernalia designed for the diminutive stature of mice and rats. The seminal version of the advertisement shown here, designed for industry publications, dates from the 1970s, when the business boomed; it changed very little when a digital makeover occurred in the early 1990s. Today the colors and composition remain largely the same, hearkening to a bygone decade, for the very simple reason that they work. The advertisement’s bold, striking simplicity catches the eye and instantly conveys the shop’s business model, and its unchanging look has created an enviable continuity of brand identity.

More recently its clientele has expanded beyond the original customer base to include discriminating mice and rats all over the world. Expansion to a warehouse location has enabled Naughty Little Things to ship a large volume of merchandise, but the original store and offices remain where they always have been: at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street in Los Angeles. There is even a small showroom available for the use of microphile shoppers, though the bulk of the square footage is devoted to weefolk.

. . . Well, not really. Actually, the store exists only in the mind of Baron Engel, who outlined its origins and mentioned that it’s located on West Sunset Boulevard in L.A. His entertaining description of the establishment inspired me to design a magazine advertisement for it, and this is the result! Yes, by the way - in his world(s) mice are eight to nine inches tall, and rats get up to a foot tall. One can imagine the manufacturing difficulties.

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