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X Anthology edited by Kyell Gold

X Anthology edited by Kyell Gold

From Kyell Gold editor of X Join this crew of authors on their exploration of the Ten Commandments in everyday life. Well--everyday adult furry life. Discover what happens to naughty furries who make unto themselves an idol, who covet their neighbor's property, who lie, steal, and kill. And, worst of all, who do not remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.


In this short story anthology, editor Kyell Gold challenged nine other adult Furry writers to choose one of the Ten Commandments and have their way with it...so to speak. Kyell himself took whatever was left over and the result is ten finely crafted stories which are definitely not your grandmother's Ten Commandments.

Includes stories by Alex Vance, Renee Carter Hall, Whyte Yote, Kyell Gold, pyrostinger, Fuzzwolf, Jonas, Not Tube, K. M. Hirosaki, and B. C. Currier.

While the subject matter is clearly not something you will find in Sunday School, it was ultimately surprising how many of the stories ended up re-affirming the intent of the original Commandment in the end. So, you still get your moral fiber — you just get there by a different...sometimes stickier...road is all.

With solid writing and outstanding illustrations, this is an outstanding anthology.

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X Anthology edited by Kyell Gold

ISBN: 978-0-9819883

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