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Hero in Peril

Hero in Peril

Xucatl saw that his pitfall trap had fallen in. The trap had been made to catch a peccary or tapir, with ropes criss-crossed atop a thin platform of sticks and leaves. But the young hunter never expected to find what he saw when he looked over the edge. Somehow the red-furred stranger had managed to get himself tangled in the ropes, which were supposed to fall to the bottom with any prey caught, and thus had saved his own life... But in the process, he had trapped himself in an extremely helpless and uncomfortable position. Xucatl couldn't believe his luck... He had caught himself a slave! But he doubted the pretty stranger would be eager to serve, so Xucatl would have to break him in... And at the same moment, Lewis Coltsway, tired, dirty, and sore after trying unsuccessfully to free himself without falling on the deadly spikes below, looked up with joyous gratitude at his rescuer. Poor fool...

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SERAPH003 08 - Seraph - 8.5x11
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Our Price: $8.00

Hero in Peril

SERAPH003 11 - Seraph - 11x17
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Hero in Peril

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