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Willy Weasely Volume 1

Willy Weasely Volume 1

Willy Weasely is now in his own book!

This 40 page volume has stories, Fun Pages, and a Full Color Centerfold!

Willy Weasely is an over-sexed cartoon packed with mile-a-minute male humor and complete with centerfold! A snapshot of the male ID like you've never seen before. Lock up your daughters, Willy's on the loose!

Excerpts from Rick's Website:

This book is a delightfully fun and comic romp that combines two of my favorite subject matters: animals and bad boys!
I just happened to pick up a copy of Rick Keene's Willy Weasely one day while browsing a book store, and I found myself laughing hysterically, unable to put it down.
My feeling after reading the book was that this felt like a cross between Omaha the Cat Dancer and a Tex Avery cartoon.
Keene's clever take and skillful art combine social commentary and tongue-in-cheek stereotypes in fresh but familiar ways that make you laugh out loud. It pushes the envelope without tearing the paper echoing the risqué content of Robert Crumb but deftly couched with the kind of double entendre and miscues of hallmark Bugs Bunny.

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Willy Weasely Volume 1

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