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Buy It By The Box - Help Clear The Warehouse

Order one of these and for your payment of $25.00 you'll receive almost double that or more worth of merchandise from our inventory. It might be tee shirts from comics long since out of popularity with the fandom, it might be a bunch of comics you've never thought of reading, heck it might even be a toy or figure that you might have not ordered for yourself. Whatever it does end up being will be worth more than the $25.00 you paid.

This item helps the Rabbit Valley General Fund. In the past it has helped recover our moving expenses when we moved from Massachusetts to Nevada, the current need is to get more projects printed!

We firmly believe that you should get something for your money, hence the buy it by the box. You get some random comics and we don't feel bad about taking your money.

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In Stock

Our Price: $25.00

Buy It By The Box - Help Clear The Warehouse

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Customer's Reviews for Buy It By The Box - Help Clear The Warehouse

Highly recommended
Received a fantastic selection of comics, books and other stuff. Very good value for money. I will certainly be buying again.
Reviewed by user -

I wasn't sure what to expect when I opened the box, but I sure wasn't disappointed. Not only were there a few comics of a decidedly adult nature, there were plenty of comics to share amongst my friends. Fantastic.
Reviewed by user -

I ordered this and got 10 $3-$10 comic books, a 300 picture cd, and a $20 book. It was about $45 worth of books for the price is really an amazing buy.
Reviewed by user -

was ok for me, great for those who know a bit more information
When first clicking on the link to buy this i noticed the book icon next to it was red (assuming that it was adult rated product). However after getting it i was disappointed to not see anything for my perverted mind. I did however still get a lot of great stuff that easily exceeded the $12.50. So in the end I'm neutral on the matter and figure that if you have money to spend and you don't know what to buy or are already buying items through rabbit valley, add this to it; you'll get a great deal and help out rabbit valley at the same time.
Reviewed by user -

Got a decent selection of merchandise for the price. Will be ordering again.
Reviewed by user -

Link to this item: https://www.rabbitvalley.com/item/7834/1370/Buy-It-By-The-Box-Help-Clear-The-Warehouse

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