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Cocktails: Summer 2008

Cocktails: Summer 2008

This party is boys only! That’s the rule! Club Stripes is proud to present the first in a very special comic series, featuring lots from fan-favorite artists as well as showcasing the comic debut of brand-new talent. Did we mention it’s all-male?

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Our Price: $12.95

Cocktails: Summer 2008

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Customer's Reviews for Cocktails: Summer 2008

I'd highly recomend this comic. It's one of, if not the, best adult furry comics I've ever read. The stories, art, layout, they're all fantastic. Worth every red cent.
Reviewed by user -

Hot stuff!
Some very nice art and creative stories featuring some very hot, sexy, slightly "girly" boys, and the boys who love them. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by user -

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