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Dog Days of Summer Issue #1

Dog Days of Summer Issue #1

Diego the dingo spends the better part of his days in the company of his local friends, trolling the popular Bendigo Beach for tourists and one-night-stands. However, with the near limitless possibilities before him and the sudden reappearance of his ex-boyfriend, Diego finds himself struggling to make up his mind and sort through his conflicting feelings. Is he happy to remain a footloose beach bum with a voracious sexual appetite, or can he throw away his lifestyle and reputation for an old flame?

The Dog’s Days of Summer was originally an online webcomic, with each week’s segment determined by readers’ votes. The first half of the story developed as readers directed the main character’s actions through a weekly multiple-choice poll. Diego evolved with each new installment and grew to be an easy-going yet indecisive guy, his personality sculpted and shaped by many hands.

However, in this conclusion of the online comic, one decision remains that Diego must decide on his own, and he’ll need to be ready to accept the sacrifice.

Published by SofaWolf Press

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Dog Days of Summer Issue #1

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Customer's Reviews for Dog Days of Summer Issue #1

Great fun and very sexy
Gorgeous artwork, captivating plot, humor, and hunky morphs. What more could you ask for? Recommended!
Reviewed by user -

As if I needed to say it, but this graphic novel was absolutely fabulous. Blotch's artwork in the comic needs no praise as it is just that good. Any fan of Blotch's artwork will greatly enjoy the detail put into each panel.
Each panel has very well written dialogue and the humor and familiarity between the characters definitely adds a certain flavor to the story that is quite lovable. The panels flow together nicely and the sense of realism in the characters is quite refreshing.

For all those who started with following the Web-Comic, you will not be disappointed at all. The extra content and building up of the characters further makes the purchase completely worth while.

Check this title out, it is a very good buy!
Reviewed by user -

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