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Ninja High School Issue #162

Ninja High School Issue #162

A massive magical spell gone awry has turned Quagmire into a wannabe fantasy RPG set, complete with armored catgirls, riding ostriches, trap-strewn households, and fire-breathing...uh, everything. Sounds like a role-player's dream come true...or is it part of a sinister plot? Fun-loving ninja thief Sora's "grandfather", the goblin Rumplestiltskin, isn't sure what went wrong, but he's not letting it stop him from making Sora his bodyguard and servant, as she was meant to be! As for Shidoshi leader Yuudai, who's lost 400 years of planning to this mishap...well, he's NOT happy.

Also features Part 1 of a back-up story by Ben Dunn!

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Ninja High School Issue #162

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