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Circles Issue #8

Circles Issue #8

Winter comes late to Kinsey Circle in 2002, but changes are happening. Will Ken's new boyfriend pan out? Will Taye get another acting gig? Does Marty remain the cutest chubby skunk in comics today? Find out!

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Our Price: $6.00

Circles Issue #8

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Customer's Reviews for Circles Issue #8

really need a reprinting
i thinks reprinting word be great So do we, so we reprinted it in a collected volume.
Circles Volume 2 - Issues 5 through 8
Reviewed by user -

viraz vitalia a.k.a. vivi the wolf
I loved this issue, the whole way the book was done just added to the somberness of Kens relationship and Taye's indecisiveness, and then Ms. Nussbaum's plotting OMG! This book was very awesome and I loved the way Doug was bluffing it was so cute and threatening but anywas I have been a long time fan of this series and I just love how real the characters are. I totally had to get my closest friends to read the series and they tottally loved it so now I totally got them hoked. Doug and Paulie are the cutest ever I can't wait to see what else happen in the series but I'm sad too know that the series will come to an end soon cause that's the one thing I hate about a fantastic series that it ends but any ways keep up the fabulous work. I give you 8 paws and 2 tails up for the excellent job. I reccomend that anyone who hasn't bought this book buy it and buy a copy so they can share it with a friend.

I wish you all the best!

Viraz Vitalia
Reviewed by user -

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