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SoftPaw Magazine Issue #5: Finding Avalon

SoftPaw Magazine Issue #5: Finding Avalon

From the publishers of SoftPaw Magazine comes Finding Avalon, a series containing stories of youthful romance. Featuring:

"Even Now" by Shiuk - After 2 years apart and newly reunited, the friendship between boys Andy and Hunter has grown into romance. But Hunter's older brother has just been kicked out of home by his father for admitting to being gay. Will the boys be torn apart again, this time by their own fears?

"Beyond Words" with art by Zorro Re - Jery always knew his little sister, Kiffin, was special. Born as a boy, Kiffin never acted the way boys should. After years of trying to stop her being herself, Kiffin's parents finally accept the truth and let her become the girl she really is. On Kiffin's first day of school she will have as much trouble fitting in as any other new student. But will her secret be revealed? Will her new friends accept her for who she is once they find out?


WARNING - This publication is for adult readers only. The characters depicted in this magazine are entirely fictional, are not human, and, purely made up. All situations are fictional and are not based on actual evens or people. No similarities to any character(s) and/or place(s) is intended - any similarities are coincidental.

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SoftPaw Magazine Issue #5: Finding Avalon

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