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Shirtlifter Issue #2

Shirtlifter Issue #2

Illustrator Steve MacIsaac goes from comic to full graphic novel. His characters from Shirtlifter continue to search for good sex and boy do they find it in this new volume of short stories and hardcore illustrations.

Making a Scene - This originally appeared in 2003 an anthology called True Porn, which focused on autobiographical stories about sex.
Crush - Steve MacIsaac's very first mini comic, originally a limited edition silk-screen of 150.
In Plain Sight - Done in 2004 for Turnover, a comics anthology published by AIDS Project Los Angeles to highlight issues surrounding gay male mental and sexual health.
Border Crossing
You Do The Math

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Our Price: $8.95

Shirtlifter Issue #2

ISBN: 0979134919

UPC/EAN: 9780979134913

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