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Volle Series Book 3 - Pendant of Fortune by Kyell Gold

Volle Series Book 3 - Pendant of Fortune by Kyell Gold

A year after escaping from certain death in a Tephos prison, Volle finds himself in self-imposed exile on a farm in Ferrenis with Streak, the white wolf who helped him escape. When a letter arrives from Volle's friend Tish urging him to return to Tephos to defend his honor against the charges of espionage that landed him in prison, Volle gives in to the excitement and intrigue of a noble's life and returns to face his accusers. He is soon enmeshed in a web of murder and intrigue set in motion by his longtime enemy Dereath Talison, endangering him and his friends.

Published by SofaWolf Press

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Volle Series Book 3 - Pendant of Fortune by Kyell Gold

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Customer's Reviews for Volle Series Book 3 - Pendant of Fortune by Kyell Gold

Amazing as Usual
Kyell Gold did another fantastic job of writing a very enthralling story that is a must have for any collection. The writing style is slightly different than that of his previously written book "Volle". This story focused much more on the relationship and tension of the main characters much more than his first novel. The focus on the characters developing relationships towards country, family, and duty made the story very easy to relate to on a personal level.
Kyell shows his mastery of the english language through his writing. He also brings a much different scenario then that of Volle that shows his skill and functional flexibility at adapting his stories to fit just right.

I look forward greatly to reading more of his work and I suggest this book, and the others in the series greatly.
Definitely a Must Buy in any collection
Reviewed by user -

Seriously, buy this!

Kyell Gold is an incredible writer, he is one of very few who can combine a compelling story smoothly with well written [and most importantly valid] graphic erotica. His stories are a perfect blend of plot an sex where neither of them is sacrificed for the other and both are beneficial to the book.

I cannot more strongly recommend that you buy this book and both of its prequals, "Volle" and "The prisoners release and other stories."

Reviewed by user -

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