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Finder Volume 2 - Sin Eater Volume 2

Finder Volume 2 - Sin Eater Volume 2

Travel long enough, and you'll find yourself in Anvard.

For Emma Grosvenor and her children, the domed city is home. And it's a fascinating place in which to grow up, with Zoological gardens; the Museum of Pain; and a probably-got-it store whose owner might just be a witch. With its mix of human and non-human residents, clans, and cultures, Anvard is like nowhere you've been... but you can still catch a Robert Mitchum movie on cable, and people's lives take the same kind of ups and downs as they've always done.

Where does Jaeger Ayers fit into all this? That's something he'd love to find out. Jaeger is a Finder, a superscout born -- or maybe made - for a survivor's life. He's an explorer whose past is a mystery to him. A loner who finds himself returning to Emma and her children, the only people in his life who feel like family.

Sin-Eater is his story... Once you start looking, there's always more to find.

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Finder Volume 2 - Sin Eater Volume 2

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