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Foxwood Falcons #1 of 3

Foxwood Falcons #1 of 3

The Foxwood Falcons is the story of a thirteen-year-old boy whose life is turned upside-down when he learns, after his father’s death, that the responsibilities and powers of VAULT GUARDIAN are now his.
Faced with the burden of defending a hidden chamber full of powerful and legendary artifacts, Robbie Wise’s first act has disastrous results. When Robbie attempts to use one of the relics to bring his father back, he accidentally unleashes the ancient Egyptian God of Death upon his suburban community. With nowhere else to turn, he calls upon his group of misfit friends for help. Calling themselves the Foxwood Falcons, it’s up to them to save their town, and the world, as we know it.

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Comments by Creator/Publisher of Foxwood Falcons #1 of 3

Foxwood Falcons update
I am the writer of this story and I can tell you that the minute this book came out, I was approached by agents who wanted to represent me and this title. The story is currently under consideration for a series of novels and, believe it or not, a feature film. I'm really excited about how people have reacted and I hope you like it too.
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Foxwood Falcons #1 of 3

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