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Pirates Vs Ninjas Vol 2 #1

Pirates Vs Ninjas Vol 2 #1

By Perry, Hartman, Bevard & Babiar The Empire Strikes Back, Godfather II, Aliens, The New Testament. If history teaches us anything, there is only one thing to do with a sequel: Up The Ante! Now in full, glorious color, the critically acclaimed, blockbuster, smash-hit series returns in this all-new, epic tale! Five years ago, humble linguist and scribe Kineas P. Montague was caught between Pirates and Ninjas competing for their ancestors' treasures. He escaped not only with his life, but with all the treasures they sought! Now a mysterious inscription directs him to an even Greater treasure - and a second confrontation with his relentless pursuers, the Pirates and Ninjas, leading them all to the land of the ice and snow - and the Vikings! Show whose side you're on by swearing an oath to sail the seven seas, braving the elements and letting none stand between you and what riches and fame you can grasp - or by picking up this 'Pirates Triumphant' variant cover! Or choose the Eastern assassin's true path to enlightenment - or just pick up the 'Ninjas Triumphant' variant cover! Either way you choose, those Vikings won't be happy!"

If you want both covers, be sure to order two copies!

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Pirates Vs Ninjas Vol 2 #1

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