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Tank Girl: The Gifting Issue 1

Tank Girl: The Gifting Issue 1

In these days of ultra-serious megacrossovers, comics gets exactly what it's been needing�"a jolt of adrenaline courtesy of the too-long-absent Tank Girl! Co-creator Alan C. Martin is back to offer redemption to anyone who sat through the Tank Girl movie, and what's more, this time the book's art chores will be handled by artist/painter and fellow Aussie, Ashley Wood! Issue 1 features six separate Tank Girl stories by Martin and Wood, including appearances by Jet Girl, the Funsters and more. Two Cover Versions - Be sure to order both if you want to see both cover arts.

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TANKGIFT01NORMAL - Normal cover
Our Price: $3.99

Tank Girl: The Gifting Issue 1

TANKGIFT01WOODVAR - Wood Variant Cover
Our Price: $5.00

Tank Girl: The Gifting Issue 1

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