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Deimos Issue #0

Deimos Issue #0

In Deimos #0 we meet Deimos for the first time, and discover his rift between his ultimate wish and his dark nature. Featuring 3 separate stories, DEIMOS #0 introduces you to the major key players, and sets the mood for this dark, gothic and sexy series.
In “Acts of Mercy” Deimos battles with the physically ripped and very hung demon Sethan to save the life force of an important human being. Later that evening, Cardinal a guardian angel with black wings on his way to meet Deimos is taken captive.
Printed in FULL COLOUR “The Ring Leader” is the second story. Deimos infiltrates a demon hideout along with his shape shifting companion. After taking care of business & having a bubble tea, Deimos meets his regular hustler in the back alley for a quickie.
The comic ends with “And Now a Word from Bob” where Lucifer has a fireside chat with us. He fills us in on how Billy fulfilled an ancient prophecy and battled Bob’s minions, then created a new body for Deimos.
As a bonus, complete full page character profiles are included for all the key players such as Deimos, Bob, Cardinal, Sethan, Billy, and Azagoth.

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Deimos Issue #0

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