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Buffalo Wings Annual 2006

Buffalo Wings Annual 2006

In December of 1994, the last episode of Buffalo Wings was published in Wild Life.

Now, twelve years later, Sofawolf Press follows up its reprint of the Buffalo Wings Reunion with the first book in over a decade featuring all-new stories from John Nunnemacher's funny-animal slice-of-life comic series. The story picks up where the previous series left off: Cliff wrestles with the karmic repercussions of this past actions, as Stuart and Sarah chart a new course in their relationship. Also, Stuart's childhood friend Josh transfers to Boxen University, making his long-delayed debut to the series.

Buffalo Wings Annual 2006 features comic art by John Nunnemacher, Vince Suzukawa (Class Menagerie, I.S.O.), Brian Yee, and Brian Reynolds (Artistic Visions), plus a full-color cover by Theo Bain (The Gimoles). Foreword by Kyell Gold (Volle and Pendant of Fortune).


Published by SofaWolf Press

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Buffalo Wings Annual 2006

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