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HistoriMorphs Issue #3

HistoriMorphs Issue #3

HistoriMorphs features short stories that either retell real historical events with anthropomorphic characters or integrate them into the human reality in order to provide a new perspective.

Includes: The Way They Fight by Jefferson P. Swycaffer - A journalist finds singing, acting and excitement at an opera house as he follows the exploits of a most unlikely duo. Illustrations by John Nunnemacher.

It Takes A Fox by Samuel C. Conway - Racial intolerance is only one of the challenges facing an engineer who is invited to California to create a masterpiece of the modern age. Illustrations by Gideon.

The Journey, Part Two by Lanny Fields - A famous adventurer continues his recollection of the tentative first steps of his journey with his friend ever at his side. Illustrations by Derrick Dasenbrock.

Grey Warming Over, Part Two by David Andrew Cowan - The series of letters continues as the mysterious epidemic spreads outward from Florence and all across the land. Illustrations by Sara Palmer.

Our Race To Run by Tim Susman - A youth in ancient Greece, favored of the gods, finds friends, love and himself as he races to confront his destiny. Illustrations by Gideon.

With cover and interior illustrations by Gideon, Mitch de la Guardia, Heather Bruton, and Lanny Fields.

Published by SofaWolf Press

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HistoriMorphs Issue #3

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