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Anthrolations Issue #8

Anthrolations Issue #8

Anthrolations, Volume #8 brings Sofawolf's original anthology back to life after a three year hiatus, with five new stories:

Lagrange, by Phil Geusz, illustrated by Aura Moser - Surviving a disaster in space requires access to the proper equipment, meticulous execution of an evacuation plan, and highly trained personnel operating in perfect sync. Too bad Marvin Mackleschmidt has none of these; but at least it makes being a cosmetically modified half-chicken pilot of the local whorehouse tram somewhat of the least of his liabilities.

Season's Meaning, by M.C.A. Hogarth - A holiday shopping excursion turns into an opportunity to do a good deed and capture a bit of the holiday spirit for Alysha.

Nobody Ever Cared for Gregory Wraithehome, by Joseph Vandehey, illustrated by Cara Mitten - A new professor finds numerous reasons to doubt a dossier labeling an orphan student as hopeless.

A Gathering of Tribes, by Robert Rubin, illustrated by Ayame Emaya - In the crucible of family tragedy can come greater understanding of the relationships in all facets of life.

First Light, by Tim Susman, illustrated by John Nunnemacher - One person's illness is another person's release, even if it takes time to see it that way.

November, 2006 - 64 pages

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Anthrolations Issue #8

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