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Fangs of K'Aath hardcover

Fangs of K'Aath hardcover

A story of stories that inspired a generation of artists and writers. An enthralling fairytale in the "Arabian Nights" tradition - a tale filled with sinister powers, disguised princes, harem girls, and scimitars.

In the kingdom of Osra, on the shores of the Amu Daya, there is a city of ancient mystery. Here in the dusty markets, dwells a little storyteller: Sandhri, mistress of a thousand fleas and teller of ten thousand tales. Bewitching, gossiping, loveable, infuriating...

But when the beggar girl falls in love with a handsom prince, an ancient evil is awakened, a savage power that threatens to tear their worlds apart.

All you could ever want in a tale from a natural storyteller, Paul Kidd, author of "Whisper of Wings" (Vision), "Mus of Kerbridge" (TSR) and "Council of Blades" (TSR).

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Our Price: $16.99 (Compare At $17.99)

Fangs of K'Aath hardcover

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